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This would transfer risk from developers to consumers, but is designed to bring more investors to the table 9 1,100,911 3,743,159 4,120 13,230 0

What is a regulated asset base model for funding nuclear energy projects?

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The IEA was established as the main international forum for energy co-operation on a variety of issues such as security of supply, long-term policy, information transparency, energy efficiency, sustainability, research and development, technology collaboration, and international energy relations
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Ministers endorsed the focus on creating a more inclusive and truly global agency through closer engagement with emerging energy economies
The third was in 2011, during the Libyan crisis The first was in January 1991, during the First Gulf War
The cost of constructing a new nuclear plant can often stretch into the tens of millions, and is a risky and resource-intensive project to undertake However, RAB effectively grants one company a monopoly over a service

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Abedi, Maham 7 July 2017
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After Hitachi suspended plans to build Wylfa Newydd nuclear power plant, the UK government is exploring the idea of a regulated asset base funding model - but what is it? 758 1,396,982,000 9,634,057 Y Y Emerging 1,227
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